Youth Mentoring Ministry

A registered, non-profit, Christ centered, Bible based charitable organization, committed to improving Jamaican communities by creating safe, positive social experiences for children. We ensure that children are exposed to sound Biblical teaching, self discipline, education and healthy habits.

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Mentoring the Ladies and Gentlemen of Tomorrow

Youth Mentoring Ministry, as a registered, non-profit, Christian charitable organization, is committed to being an agent of change by providing marginalized youth with positive social experiences, Bible based principles, and critical decision making skills.

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Developing Leaders

The program focuses on building a relationship with Christ, and on teaching practical life skills based on Biblical principles. Mentees are also regularly instructed in the areas of manners, etiquette and behaviour. Behaviour is constantly monitored and corrected, and students also work on anger management and conflict resolution. Individual counselling for both children and adults is available during the week on an as needed basis.

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Our community engagement strategy consists of 4 core components






New Playground

YMM was the recent recipient of a generous donation of new playground equipment. The youth were absolutely delighted when they discovered the new play area; they screamed in excitement, and immediately climbed on to try everything out.

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Summer Camp 2019


Your Support Will Help To Ensure The Future

The Youth Mentoring Ministry, as a registered, non-profit, Christian charitable organization, could not exist without the graciousness of our Lord, and the faithful support He provides in the form of our generous volunteers, donors and sponsors.

We greatly value any amount of your time that you choose to spend assisting us; so even if you are on a brief mission trip to the island, and would like to visit with us in person, or lend a hand, we would love to hear from you!

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