Ways to Contribute

Any help is precious. Many ways to sponsors and donate to our programs

There are many different ways in which you can aid our cause. We are grateful to everyone who participates with us, no matter how they do it.

Sponsor the Ministry

The Youth Mentoring Ministry, as a registered, non-profit, Christian charitable organization, could not exist without the graciousness of our Lord, and the faithful support He provides in the form of our generous volunteers, donors and sponsors.

We greatly value any amount of your time that you choose to spend assisting us; so even if you are on a brief mission trip to the island, and would like to visit with us in person, or lend a hand, we would love to hear from you! Please give donations to the ministry to use as our needs dictate. These can be one time commitments or ongoing financial contributions.

Sponsor a Project

There are a number of initiatives that we have scheduled to undertake. These are great opportunities participate in helping us complete specific objectives. In recent years, we have been involved in constructing our base facility, building our onsite thrift store, building a play ground area, setting up water tanks. The are all examples of specific projects our sponsors have contribute time and resources towards.

If you are interested in this approach, please contact us to learn more about pending projects.

Sponsor a Child

You can focus on helping us provide for and support individual children in our program. Each child has very unique circumstances and individual solutions to help them be successful. We know all their stories and what things would make significant differences in their person life. If you would like to help up provide access to books, or bus fare, or meals, or health care to support a specific situation, we are would be grateful to get you involved on this level.

Food Sponsor

We host numerous events each month, and meals preparation is a significant portion of our operating costs. Non-perishable food items, monetary and other support in this area is greatly appreciated. Sponsor can be in the form of providing for a single event, or something in an ongoing capacity. Get in touch to discuss your preferences.

Store Donations

In an effort to be more self sufficient, we've established an on premise Thrift Store, where we sell goods to the local community at a significantly discounted rate. Store donations, including musical instruments, clothing items, toys, books, hardware, DVDs, and other new or gently used items would be greatly appreciated for resale in our store.