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Who We Are

Mentoring the ladies and gentlemen of tomorrow

Our mission is to be the change agent through the resurrection power of our Lord Jesus Christ where the lives of our youth will be transformed, and empowered spiritually and psychologically, while meeting their basic needs.


Youth Mentoring Ministry is an incorporated entity, governed by a Board of Directors, and recognized as a Registered Charitable Organization under Section 2 and Section 17 of the Charities Act, 2013, which is overseen by the Charities Authority (DCFS) in accordance with the laws established by the Government of Jamaica.

Our team of experienced individuals volunteer their time, resources and efforts in creating a safe, respectful and community driven environment to attract underprivileged, impoverished, abused and abandoned Jamaican children.


Delpha Dyer

Dyer’s overall vision is to see changes in the program’s youth; not just physical, social and educational, however, but spiritual- so they will be saved, redeemed, filled with the Holy Spirit, and become whole people who will change communities and nations. In order to achieve these larger changes, each child must first bring about a change in him or herself, which will in turn inspire change within the community at large, thereby eliciting change within the entire nation, and ultimately, change within all nations.

Meet Our Team

Friday Night Youth Fellowship is a dedicated time of Praise and Worship for our youth. The music is vibrant and the atmosphere is Spirit filled and fun!

Our Programs

Our youth engagement strategy consists of 4 core components






Words We Live By

We instil confidence, pride and an innate sense of self worth in all the children who's lives are touch by our efforts.