What We Do

How We Work

Creating leaders. Not victims.

Community Driven

Youth Mentoring Ministry partners with leaders in the community. We engage with political representatives,  lawyers, ministers, business owners, teachers, builders, doctors, and other upstanding pillars that are willing to share their stories, skills, knowledge and perspectives.

Summer Camp 2019

Creating Positive Experiences

Our goals is to create an environment to that fosters and empowers leaders. Often times we meet children that come from very heartbreaking experiences, broken homes, various abuses, lack of role models and other conditions that breed a sense of hopelessness.

Our kids enjoying a picnic at our Annual Camp retreat

Standing in the Gap

Our goal is to provide an alternative.

We show children that regardless of your current circumstances and the limitations, anything is possible. With the right attitude, hard work, focus and discipline,  and a strong foundation that is deeply rooted in solid christian principles, anyone can soar beyond their wildest dreams.

Our graduates returning to share their experiences with YMM.

Quality over Quantity

We don’t believe in hand-outs. The ideas is not to collect resources and distribute them to the ungrateful and unappreciative.

We keep our efforts focused on individuals that demonstrate the greatest opportunity for growth. We provide opportunities for our children to demonstrate appreciation and a willingness to contribute and put back as much into the organization, for the benefits they have received.