Our Programs

Mentorship Program

Professional, personal mentorship and coaching to meet individual needs

Children are exposed to a variety of social and educational opportunities including visiting universities, the zoo, gardens, farms, tourist resorts and attractions.

We conduct a  weekly Christ centered mentorship and social training program for children ages 2+ to 16 years.

The program focuses on building a relationship with Christ, and on teaching practical life skills based on Biblical principles. Mentees are also regularly instructed in the areas of manners, etiquette and behaviour.  Behaviour is constantly monitored and corrected, and students also work on anger management and conflict resolution. Individual counselling is available during the week on an as needed basis for both children and adults.


Children visit at a local infirmary to learn about health care and interview the Matron

Honour Roll

Jordean Shand is Youth Representative of YMM, and our youngest Board Member.

Jordean is a brilliant and dedicated student, whose family continues to make sacrifices for him and his siblings so that they can receive the best possible education. In 2012, Jordean received a scholarship to attend a well-respected high school located a good distance away from his home. The cost of commuting quickly became expensive, and created a hardship which eventually began to jeopardize his attendance and subsequently his grades.

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Youth Engagement

Join our Cause

We greatly value any amount of your time that you choose to spend assisting us; so even if you are on a brief mission trip to the island, and would like to visit with us in person, or lend a hand, we would love to hear from you!

If you are interested in partnering with us to arrange a mission trip for your organization, or if you are considering volunteering your time, or contributing items to our program, please contact us via email or phone, or you may also call our Chairperson, Delpha Dyer, at (876) 784-9010 for more information.