Bible Study: June 18, 2020

Acts 14

The Apostles' Missionary Journey Continues

June, 2020

Our Weekly Bible Study begins with us reading the assigned scripture ahead of time and preparing our hearts for study and discussion. When we meet (virtually or in person) we first read the scripture as a group, and then take turns sharing and discussing what impacted us the most, and our general interpretation of what we read.

Making Notes as we go through Bible Study is always encouraged, as it helps to increase our understanding of what we have read, and also allows us to become more comfortable and familiar with the Bible.

To make participation easier and more memorable for our younger children, we will include a link to Storybook Bible images of the readings whenever these are available.

This week’s virtual Bible Study focused on Acts 14.  After praying and reading through the chapters, we discussed the verses at length, and shared our personal views on what we had read.


  1. Divine Wisdom: (v.6): “They were aware of it” The Holy Spirit’s prompting inside the Apostles made them aware of the danger that was to come, and they knew it was time to depart for their own safety. It is important for us in our own lives to be aware of the Holy Spirit’s prompting, and to recognize when it is time to leave a situation that is not going well, or is not safe.
  2. Listening Keenly: (v.9): The crippled man was listening very carefully to Paul as he spoke. For that reason, he was able to receive the message of faith and hope. We must all listen keenly as the Word is being preached, otherwise we will miss the important messages that the Lord has in store for us.
  3. Faith: (v.10) The crippled man’s faith in God to heal him was clear. There was no doubt and no hesitation. He quickly jumped to his feet as Paul commanded him to do, and was healed, even though he had been crippled from birth.
  4. Perseverance: (v.19-20): Despite the fact that Paul was stoned for preaching the Gospel, “he rose up” and continued on to the next city to preach to more unbelievers.
  5. Endurance: (v.22): We are warned that it is through much tribulation [that we] enter into the Kingdom of God. We will not have a trouble-free life as believers; there will be pain, heartache and trouble. Through it all, however, we must press on and endure.

We also discussed how important it is to prevent our minds from being poisoned by information that we receive about others. We must not be quick to believe and accept everything we hear about others; instead we should check the facts for ourselves before forming an opinion. In verse 2, we are told that the “unbelieving Jews” filled the minds of the Gentiles with evil thoughts about the Apostles, and unfortunately, the Gentiles believed without even verifying any of what they heard.

Paul’s recovery from being stoned was also a point that we talked over in detail. We noted that Paul’s own faith in God most likely played a large part in his quick recovery. It is also important to remember that because God is sovereign, no one can bring about an end to a believer’s life until He ordains it so, and as long as we are in God’s will, and are called according to His purpose, He will make all things work together for our good. (Ref. Romans 8:28).

As you read, ask yourself: What are MY thoughts on what I am reading?





Acts 14: The Apostles' Missionary Journey Continues

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