Bible Study: October 15, 2020

Galatians 2

Paul Defends the Gospel- No Return to the Law

October, 2020

Our Weekly Bible Study begins with us reading the assigned scripture ahead of time and preparing our hearts for study and discussion. When we meet (virtually or in person) we first read the scripture as a group, and then take turns sharing and discussing what impacted us the most, and our general interpretation of what we read.

Making Notes as we go through Bible Study is always encouraged, as it helps to increase our understanding of what we have read, and also allows us to become more comfortable and familiar with the Bible.

To make participation easier and more memorable for our younger children, we will include a link to Storybook Bible images of the readings whenever these are available.

This week’s virtual Bible Study focused on Galatians 2. The second chapter in our new study on the Book of Galatians. After praying and reading through the chapters, we discussed the verses at length, and shared our personal views on what we had read.

Verses 2-3: Paul explains that “he went up by revelation”- The Lord had revealed to him that he should go to Jerusalem at that time. Paul was also careful to confirm that the Gospel he received from Christ, which he knew was the one true Gospel, was also what was being taught in Jerusalem.

Verse 4: False Brethren: Those pretending that they were walking in brotherly love when in fact they were not. This is something that we must also watch out for in our own lives and in our churches. Quite often, ill-intentioned visitors seek out believers and their churches pretending that they are there to do good, when in fact they are merely there to spy and gather information which they can later use to return us into spiritual bondage.

Verse 5: “To whom we did not yield submission “… We must utilize great discernment when deciding who we will submit to.

Verse 7: Paul makes reference to the fact that many prefer to hear the Gospel preached by “one of their own”; someone from the same culture, country or background. We still see this in churches today.

Verse 8: Although Christ does not promote division among people, He recognized that some Disciples were better able to preach and minister to certain groups than others were. This shows how intimately we are all known to Him, and that He has a divine purpose for each one of us.

Verses 11-12: Peter was eating with the Gentiles when he was alone with them, but once the Jews arrived, he withdrew from this practice. Peter was not as brave and forthright as Paul was; he was afraid to stand up for what he believed. We must be ready to stand up for our beliefs; we cannot be two faced and we must ensure that we remain authentic at all times if our testimony  is to be meaningful.

Verses 13-14: Paul speaks sternly to Peter, making reference to his actions and to the  hypocrisy that he has witnessed.

Verse 16: We are justified by faith in Jesus Christ alone, not by the Law, and not by the works of The Law. (To be justified means to be declared righteous).

Verses 18-21: Paul declares that he cannot rebuild the things that he has already destroyed; to do so would make him a transgressor.  He states that he has died to the Law; (just as all believers have). we must realize and remember that it is only in Christ’s righteousness and redemption that we are able to stand in liberty. Christ gave himself willingly for us, and we must  stand in the liberty that we have been given. We have been set free from the bondage of the Law- set free to worship and glorify Him.

As you read through this week’s Bible passage, ask yourself:

What are MY thoughts on what I am reading?

How can I apply this to MY life?


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