YMM’s Summer Camp Praise Report

Summer Camp Praise Report

Proverbs 3: 5-6 in Action!

August, 2022

It is an amazing thing to see what God does when we commit our plans and intentions to Him. Summer 2022 was an incredible experience, beginning with Day Camp which focused on allowing the children expression of their giftings and talents through art.

Day Camp 2022

Over the 5 days, all 6 mentors had opportunity to share with children as they engaged in various artistic expressions such as tie and dye, chime making, painting decorative hearts, music, and dance culminating on the Friday with a treat and concert. On chime making day, the children also had an opportunity to interact with visiting campers from overseas, and to join with them in a fun day in which each attendee was able to make a take home sea glass wind chime or piece of jewelry.

The collaboration between Youth Mentoring Ministry and Bus Stop Mission saw more persons from the Runaway Bay Salem area being exposed to the ministry’s activities and operation. The Bus Stop Mission workers provided strong support to the YMM Mentors making the camp manageable and organized.

Residential Camp 2022

After a 2 yr. hiatus, it was an exhilarating feeling to have the children back in a residential camp setting on our Ministry grounds. The dynamics were different as we hosted a younger age cohort who were new to the idea of camping, and its rigours and regimentation but who also had huge social deficits due to the pandemic.

Thirty campers, 19 males and 11 females entered the program which began Sunday afternoon, July 31, led by 5 Mentors, 2 cadet officers, 4 youth leaders and 2 parent volunteers. The core values of discipline, respect (for self, others, authority, and property), teamwork, care for one another, responsibility and accountability were emphasised, insisted on and instilled throughout the camping experience. Of course, this approach was not popular as it was quite apparent that these values were sadly lacking in our children. However, by the time camp ended, they all had a better appreciation and understanding that discipline and fun, when combined, make excellent partners.

Proverbs 3:5-6 was played out every day in a real way as we witnessed God’s faithfulness, provision, providence, wisdom, power and protection. We had an abundance of food thanks to the many sponsors who came on board such as Yummy Bakery, Grace Foods, CB Foods, L&M Meats, Island Dairies, Shazz and the outpouring of support from overseas individual sponsors.

A deep and sincere appreciation to our guest presenters who did an excellent job as they were led and according to their giftings. We are truly thankful to Attorney Travis Benain, Mr. Sheldon Brown, Ms. Alexia Brown and Ms. Makeba for the time spent speaking to the children.

We had the privilege of receiving a tour of the Seville Great House and being immersed in a lesson of our rich and diverse heritage thanks to the benevolence of the Jamaica National Heritage Trust.  The 80 minute bus ride captained by Mentor Omar Fagan and the 3-mile hike to the Harmony Estate Great House through the bushes of Trelawny, picnicking on the beach and then wading in the cool refreshing and tantalizing waters of the Caribbean Sea was one of the highlights of the camp experience. The kids sang, chatted and laughed throughout making this experience a memorable one.

Banquet night gave the campers the opportunity to dress elegantly and partake in the special mouth-watering and sumptuous spread prepared by our Mentor/chef designate Sue Douglas ably assisted by Deloris Young (Parent volunteer). Culminating activities for the last day included sports/ beach day followed by roasting marshmallows and sausages while standing around the Bonfire. On Sunday, August 7 we broke camp after the closing church service with deep gratitude to God that all our campers had completed the programme without any accidents and were in good health.

Even more joyous was the decision made by 8 campers to follow the Lord Jesus Christ and log into the purpose He has for their lives.

Camp 2022 was a resounding success, and we are grateful to God for His guidance and strength through His Spirit.

With grateful hearts we express our deep appreciation to all those who helped to make these events the success that they were. To all those who volunteered their time, talents, and resources we thank you. A large thank you also to our corporate sponsors;, your willingness to assist and your generosity  is deeply appreciated and gratefully noted!

Lastly, we are also grateful to the parents and guardians of our campers for entrusting the safety of their precious children to us. It was an honor to be able to care for them, have fun with them, minister to them, fellowship and worship with them and lovingly admonish them according to Biblical principles; a duty to which we are called as mentors, followers and servants of Christ.

Residential Camp Images

Day Camp Images

Our first field trip for Summer 22 Residential camp: The Seville Great House

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