Youth Fellowship Highlights April 24

Exactly How Did They Overcome? How Will You Overcome?

Know Who You Are in Christ!

April, 2020

Notes from Youth Fellowship

Blessings everyone!

  • Last week’s youth fellowship was a blessing. We watched the movie Overcomer. Everyone is encouraged to watch or re-watch this movie. Think about all the things that you can apply to your lives. Look at the characters and see how they are like you in some way. Think about how they “overcame”😂. Think about how it impacted you. Think about how you can apply things that you learnt from it to your daily walk with Christ. Think about EVERYTHING.


  • We were also given a challenge, to read Ephesians 1 and 2 and then write down all the things that it says we are  as children of God. Memorize these things; write them on the tablets of your heart. Look at them when you feel discouraged. Be reminded of your identity.

Observations on the movie from the Group:

Micah:  When trouble comes we should pray and seek God.
Elizabeth: The importance of having a firm foundation vs. a so-so foundation
Elijah:  The sick man in the hospital asked the Coach who he was, and the Coach responded with a list of various things, and last, he mentioned that he was a Christian. Remember who you are.
Omar: Even when it looks impossible God will make a way, redemption can come in strange ways. Never doubt the power of God.

Life Lessons from the movie Overcomer: 

  1. The importance of one- one person can make a huge difference.
  2. Enduring to the end and Finishing strong💪🏼
  3. The importance of developing a winning strategy.
  4. Responsibility- Repentance-Forgiveness- Restoration(Grace)= Spiritual and emotional healing
  5. Knowing your identity comes from God makes all the difference!
This is a great movie to watch!!! Watch, pay close attention, make notes, and think about everything above!!!


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